Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I turned around and you were 3

As your dad was walking out the door to take you to school this morning he asked me if you needed an m-i-m-i. After I answered no I realized that I didn't even remember the last time that you asked for mimi. How is that possible?

It feels like the last two years of our lives have revolved around your mimi. Do we have one? Is it clean? Are they all lurking beneath the seats of the dump I like to call my truck?

I thought for sure you would be carrying it to kindergarten. How did I miss this transition?

You still love milk but the mimi has been replaced with a cup of pink milk. Any cup will do. You used to be such a cup snob. Only the Nuby cups were acceptable. And the spout had to be perfect. No extra leaking or it would throw you into a tailspin.

Ahhh the days when we had to try and decipher what the heck was rocking your world every other minute. The only difference now is that you are quite articulate and have no issues with telling us exactly what the problem is and how it should be fixed.

I'm pretty sure it was just yesterday that I was sitting next to you in the NICU praying for you and waiting on you to be ready to come home.

As many things change many things stay the same. You still do everything in your own time. Much to the dismay of your daddy and I .

I think you are teaching us as much or more than we are teaching you. Unfortunately for you, you are our practice child. Hopefully most days we get it right but I have no doubt that sometimes we may need a few remedial lessons so try and cut us some slack. Although maybe thats what you were trying to do last night when you told Daddy "Don't be mean to me, I'm only three years old!" ( The meaness you were referring to was him making you go to bed)

As we leave your baby years behind I'm a little sad that you are growing up so fast but mostly I'm excited to see what the next stage will bring.

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